Hello, did you miss me? Today I want to tell a really funny story that happened a few years ago. And of course one of the most important moments is the LEGO present.

Well, this story is about a boy from New Zealand, his name’s Samir. One day he was playing LEGO and put a detail to his nose and lost it. Samir’s parents immediately drove him to the doctor, but detail haven’t been found. Doctors have suggested that maybe, a boy hasn’t even put Lego in his nose and just confused himself. Samir didn’t complain, so everybody started to live their normal life. Till one day…

Two years after this the strange thing happened. Samir came into the kitchen and took a deep breath in the smell of cupcakes. After that, he started to feel a pain in his nose and called mum. She helped him blow his nose and saw Lego’s detail! Imagine that!

Samir said: “I found Lego, I told you it was there, and you said it wasn’t”, - his parents told the BBC channel.

And that’s my conclusion: LEGO is such a caring company, because their details allowed Samir to take breaths. That’s why parents can be sure that with their children won’t happen something bad during their play with LEGO.

Image source: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/aug/17/lego-piece-falls-out-of-boys-nose-after-2-years