Hi guys! Have you heard anything about the “Dune”? Because I’ve heard a lot, especially after the film adaptation. And my attention attracted a spice harvester which is used on the planet Arrakis. Then I had a thought: what if this machine was made of LEGO?

Perhaps, engineers by Dr. Engine YouTube Channel had the same thinks and created Dune Spice Harvester of LEGO details. And, of course, red means Harkonnen. My eyes were attracted to gears…lots of gears. They made me think about the complexity of the design. Let’s see what this machine can do!

At the first sight, it seems like a slooow car with tracks, which is riding on the road with white and red details. But I think we should wait, it can’t be so simple.

After the spice harvester, there is nothing left. And what can we see next? A container with…just red details?! Oh, I understood! It works like a filter that separates white and red detail. But how did the engineer do it? Well, we will know it only if they told us this secret :)