Everyone was a child, whose eyes brightened when they saw their favorite toy or game. And then they’ve spent all day playing this. And I was a kid too.

I remember that day when my parents gave me a Legos castle. It was pink-white and sooo huge ( for a seven-year-old me). Maybe you even can not understand this feeling, when you see how a lot of details become a castle with windows, doors, towers, perfect rooms and a garden. Like a fairy tale dream, isn’t it?

Perhaps that’s the reason why I like Lego. This sound or connecting parts reminds me that Lego isn’t just a toy or a way to spend time. It gives me a chance to create something new, something that is not possible in real life. It’s a flight of thoughts and fantasies, a space for creativity. Isn’t it fantastic that you can build whatever you want?! It could be a rocket, a plane, a sanitizer, a pizza-making machine - WHATEVER!

On this site, there will be published video reviews from my own YouTube channel Dr.Engine, building instruction and, of course, news about Lego-world. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!