Hi, friends! Did you miss me?) Before I start, I want to ask you: who is one of the bravest prinсеss? If you don’t know, her name is Merida and she likes shooting a bow.

So, can you guess what I want to tell you today? About the Lego Technic Chopsticks Shooting Machine, of course!

First of all, it should be made. There are a lot of small details, some gears, and even something that reminds me of a source of electricity. The last thing we should do before starting tests - sharpening some arrows(we will use sushi sticks). And let’s start!

The first shot was good because it was and had enough power. But the second one… It was wonderful: an arrow had hitten almost in the middle of the target! What happens next???

Now we can see the second model Dr. Engine’s invention. It’s bigger and that’s why can shoot at a higher target. And, of course, more powerful.

Wait…Oh. My. God! Guys, I just found out that the third model is the perfect variant of this invention. The rate of fire - incredible, the power - mythical, the accuracy - brilliant! An arrow could hit a paper cup and even more - an apple! Fruit juice flowed down - that’s the power. Maybe that’s the reason why I was not surprised that arrows had hitten an empty can of Pepsi…

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDeW0WRFw1E