Lego’s latest release is the awesome 42082 Rough Terrain Crane – and it is one of the most impressive sets to come from the world-famous brick-building company. The 42082 Rough Terrain Crane is a powerful and highly detailed machine that can be used to move materials from one place to another. It is a perfect addition to any Lego city, or to any construction or engineering-themed set.

The 42082 Rough Terrain Crane is a 2,493-piece set that has a multitude of features and details. The crane has an articulated arm that is made up of 7 separate pieces and can be moved with a joystick. The crane is also motorized, so it can be driven around the construction site with ease. Additionally, the crane comes with a detachable transport trailer and a mini-figure driver to help complete the look.

The 42082 Rough Terrain Crane also has a number of realistic features, such as a movable crane jib, a moveable counterweight, and a rotating superstructure. The crane also comes with a selection of tools and accessories, including a wheelbarrow, a shovel, a pickaxe, and a hammer. These accessories add to the realism of the set, and make it look even more impressive.

The 42082 Rough Terrain Crane is the perfect set for Lego fans of all ages. It is a great way to encourage creative and imaginative play, as well as teaching the basics of construction and engineering. The set is also perfect for bringing out the inner engineer in your children, as they can build and play with the set in their own unique way.

Overall, the 42082 Rough Terrain Crane is a great set that looks amazing and is sure to be a hit with children and adults alike. With its impressive features, realistic details, and accessories, the 42082 Rough Terrain Crane is sure to be a favorite for many Lego fans.