Do you remember action movies? Perhaps you even wanted to try to shoot. So how about Legos NOT-A-RAILGUN? Let’s find out how powerful, accurate it is and how quickly he throws Lego parts.

NOT-A-RAILGUN by Doctor Engine

For the first, we should do some calculations, and if I were a physicist, I would understand all of them. But our engineers can calculate better, so…Let’s leave it for them. NOT-A-RAILGUN by Doctor Engine

First RPM was too low, then we had changed it to 20 times higher and could test Lego Bricks Thrower Mechanism. You know, it’s like playing darts! I like it!

In my view, if we add a magazine for repeating, it could be better and more comfortable. Let’s do it! And, yeah, it is looking good, even more. NOT-A-RAILGUN by Doctor Engine

I can even imagine: myself in uniform on a field with engineers’ new mechanism - huge Lego Bricks Thrower Railgun, and I am a part of a big fight, and… Just my imagination, sorry ( I could win with this construction!). NOT-A-RAILGUN by Doctor Engine

Then there were some tests and you need to watch them! Ravishing, gorgeous, smart, hilarious - do you need more words to watch this video?