Lego Technic sets are always a hit with both children and adults alike, but the introduction of gears and motors to the sets has made them even more appealing.

Gears and motors are an essential part of any Lego Technic set, allowing for more complex engineering and construction. Gears are used to transfer power from one part of the set to another, and the motors give the set its motion.

Gears are often used to change the speed or direction of the motion of a set, as well as to increase the amount of torque produced. Motors are used to generate the power that drives the gears and other components of the set.

The introduction of gears and motors to Lego Technic sets has allowed for more intricate and complex designs. They allow for more intricate movements, such as the turning of a wheel, to be incorporated into the set.

The use of gears and motors can also add an extra layer of realism to the set, as they mimic the real-life movements of machinery. This makes the set much more interesting and engaging, as well as providing a great learning opportunity.

Lego Technic sets with gears and motors are great fun and are sure to provide hours of entertainment. They are perfect for budding engineers