Hi, guys! Today I want to talk about feelings. Do you remember yourself in childhood? You were a kid with a small turbine or a quiet child who can make others feel guilty if they say wrong things? What is the same in us? In my opinion it’s our love of toys and games. Maybe for some of you favorite toys were LEGOs. Perhaps someone started like it later.

Now I want to talk about Creations for charity. Do you ever think about kids who can't buy LEGO but want it? I mean children who are in need. That company does something unreal for this world!

How it works. Custom LEGO creations are donated by builders like you from all over the world. You can send an email with a description of your creation, photos. The custom creations are sold in Creations for charity online stores and shipped directly from the builder to the buyer. Company donates the LEGO sets to local organizations around the world that help kids in need.

I think this idea helps as artists as kids. And if you are a great LEGO-builder, this is one more way to find applications for your creations.